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Potting Greenhouse Plants Efficiently

Potting Greenhouse Plants Efficiently

Potting greenhouse plants is time-consuming but manageable if you are a commercial gardener. 

In commercial growing, as operations increase, improving efficiency of labor and controlling costs takes on greater importance.

Depending on the size of your operation, a potting machine may be the answer. Potting greenhouse plants becomes easy and efficient with the use of these machines. This technology enhances productivity and helps achieve greater uniformity (which also impacts efficiency and quality) of your plants.

Using Technology for Potting Greenhouse Plants

Manufacturers of these machines suggest them for operations that grow 100,000 planting flats per year. With that volume, the ROI comes in two to three years.

Potting machines work by holding gardening containers in place, filling them with soil and punching a hole for the plant. Workers may replenish the pots and refill potting mix to keep the streamlined operation moving.

Though machines can automatically fill a range of pots, it’s best for consistency to do a large run of the same size pot. This uniformity allows each container to fill with the same amount of soil, compressed to the same level and for the plant to be centered.  This allows plants to receive the same amount of food, water and necessary growing space. 

Machines can typically handle a range of container sizes, making the process even more streamlined. 

Keep in mind that the potting machine should be able to manage your soil mix. For example, it should be light, moist and free of clumps so it can move through the machine with ease.

Maintenance typically requires only lubricating bearings, tightening belts or cleaning. It’s recommended to keep spare parts on hand so when needed your operation doesn’t suffer from much downtime.

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