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Drip Irrigation Systems vs. Flood Irrigation Systems
Ensuring your plants get enough water and nutrients is an essential part of greenhouse production. Multiple irrigation systems are available, ranging from simple, such as watering by hand, to more sophisticated computer-based irrigation control systems. This article will more closely examine the benefits of drip irrigation and flood irrigation systems for greenhouses.
Most Efficient Ways to Water Plants in Your Greenhouse
Many different types of greenhouse irrigation can be used to properly water the plants in your greenhouse. This article will give you tips on how to efficiently water the plants in your greenhouse regardless of the irrigation method you us
The Future of Greenhouse Irrigation
Irrigation is a common problem for greenhouse growers, from large-scale nursery operations to hobby gardening enthusiasts. Ensuring that your plants get the right amount of water—without overdoing it or underdoing it—requires attention to detail.
Benefits of Greenhouse Irrigation Systems
Choosing the right irrigation system is important to the growth and health of your plants, especially in a greenhouse where the gardener controls the moisture.Because of this, the irrigation system should be one that can be controlled and maintained so plants won’t receive too much or too little water.