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National Carrot Cake Day Recipe!
It’s National Carrot Cake Day! Our favorite recipe is gluten-free and is vegan if you skip the cream cheese frosting!
A Guide to Growing Carrots in Winter: Enjoy Fresh Harvests All Year Round
Winter gardening doesn't mean giving up on fresh carrots. With the right varieties, soil preparation, protection
Resources for Growing Year-Round
Achieving year-round gardening success requires access to reliable resources and a supportive community. From online gardening websites and forums to informative books, useful apps, and local gardening associations, these resources will empower you with the knowledge, inspiration, and assistance needed to grow plants throughout the seasons. Explore
Year-round Growing Guide, January Week 2
Growing plants year-round requires knowledge, guidance, and access to reliable resources. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, having the right tools and information is key to achieving a flourishing garden all year long. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of essential resources that will assist you in your quest for year-round gardening success. From websites and books to online communities and apps, these resources will equip you with the knowledge and support needed to grow plants throughout the seasons
Year-Round Growing Guide, January
Welcome to week 1 of our January year-round growing guide! For those with established gardens, now is a time of rest and dormancy for most of your vegetable beds. You might still be slowly harvesting last season's mature plants, digging carrots and beets, or cutting back kale and spinach while you browse seed catalogs and dream of spring.
5 Steps to Success in a Farmers Market
Growers of all levels, from hobby gardeners to commercial producers, can often find themselves with a crop even more abundant than they had hoped for. While interest in good farmers markets has surged in recent years, so has over-saturation and competition. The number of farmers markets in the U.S. has grown from 1,755 in 1994 to more than 7,850 in 2012, according to the USDA. Yet NPR reports that 2018 saw our then 8,600+ farm markets start to fail.
8 Steps to Planning Your Best Greenhouse
The best greenhouses are the ones that are not only beautiful but are also functional and are planned with an eye towards the future. Whether you grow for pleasure or for profit, these tips can help you to get the most from your greenhouse and your investment in it! Here’s how to plan for your best greenhouse!
Poinsettia Care Plan for Reblooming
Poinsettias have become a holiday tradition, causing many people ask, “How do I care for Poinsettias year-round?” Gothic Arch Greenhouses is here to help, with Poinsettia care advice that will have your blooms recurring year after year!
10 Unique Holiday Gifts for Gardeners
Does the plant and flower lover in your life have a stockpile of planters, seed packets, and garden figurines going unused year after year? Does coming up with a unique, useful, beautiful gift for the gardener in your life seem like a daunting task? If so, we are here to help! Read more about 10 unique holiday gifts for gardeners that will make this year’s holiday shopping a snap for every budget
Winter Greenhouse Growing Tips
Greenhouses offer protection from extreme temperatures, precipitation, birds, diseases, pests, and overheating. Because of this protection, greenhouses promote healthy plant growth. However, greenhouses also offer a controlled and consistent growing environment that is optimized to your specific crops. With greenhouse environmental controls, you can automatically maintain the ideal temperature, humidity level, the watering schedule, and lighting conditions. This means that your plants are in their healthy growing “sweet spot” for longer periods of time. Prep Your Greenhouse