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What You Need to Know About Caring for Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are prized for their big, colorful blooms, and if cared for properly, they will thrive, and their natural beauty will be enhanced.Even if you don’t have much space, you can still enjoy these flowers. Hydrangeas are suited to be grown as shrubs, in containers and in gardens. Just make sure they get enough morning sun (afternoon sun is too hot) and shade (but not too much). Base the amount of sun they are exposed to be where your garden is located. For example, hydrangeas that are further north need more light than those in the south.
5 Hydroponic Crops You Should Be Growing
Of the many benefits of hydroponic gardening, and one of the most exciting for entrepreneurial growers, is higher crop yield. Hydroponic crops grow at a rate 30 percent to 50 percent faster than a soil plant under the same conditions.
Common Seed-Starting Problems and Solutions
Seed-starting can be a fun process to look forward to. During the days leading up to spring, you may be anxiously awaiting the sprouting of new seeds you’re starting. But, as with any gardening endeavor, things don’t always go exactly as expected. If you’ve started your seeds and you’re experiencing less than successful results don’t worry
Plants That Attract Beneficial Insects
Not all insects in your garden indicate a threat. In fact, strategically including plants in your garden that attract beneficial bugs helps reduce the need to treat pest outbreaks with chemicals.
How to Make a Fresh Start in Your Garden
New years are about new beginnings, and on the cusp of 2018, you might be looking ahead and thinking about making a fresh start in your garden. Whether you’ve got an existing garden or whether you’re planning to start one, a new growing season holds the promise of beginning—or beginning again.
Common Winter Gardening Problems and Solutions
A greenhouse is invaluable to extending your gardening efforts all year long. But that doesn’t mean you won’t face a special set of challenges when the weather changes. Just because winter brings with it cooler temperatures doesn’t mean you can stop monitoring what’s going on in your greenhouse.
Gardening Gifts for Every Budget
‘Tis the season to spend, spend, spend, it seems. But if your finances can’t accommodate all the shopping you’d like to do, it’s still possible to find great gifts at prices that won’t break the bank or create a mountain of holiday debt you may soon regret.If you’ve got a gardener on your list—whether a seasoned expert or a budding novice—we can recommend some thoughtful selections that fit any budget!
Best Flowers to Grow in Your Winter Greenhouse
Gardening in the winter can help give you a boost during the sometimes dreary days, and focusing on flowers can have an especially positive effect by adding lots of color.
Advantages of Cold Weather Hydroponic Gardening
Just because the weather gets colder, that doesn’t mean you have to go without fresh vegetables. With the help of hydroponic gardening, you can enjoy salads, cucumbers and tomatoes even though winter might traditionally dictate those crops are out of season.
6 Tips for Growing Orchids
Orchids are well known for their exotic beauty and the meticulous care it takes to grow them. So much so that there are multiple societies and publications devoted to their conservation and cultivation.