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Gardening – One Day at a Time
Now that spring is solidly in place, with each passing day we witness the results of our time spent in preparation, planting and tending our gardens. There is a mounting sense of anticipation as we watch our carefully planting seedlings begin to put on top growth, indicating the development of a healthy root system.
Gardening in the Greenhouse
There were times in the past that only the very wealthy aristocrats could afford to own a greenhouse in which to enjoy their favorite fresh vegetables and fruits all year long. With today’s advances in engineering, design and manufacturing, anyone can enjoy the remarkable benefits of owning a greenhouse.
The Joy of Gardening
There are few things in life that equal the rewards realized from growing a prolific garden. if planned well, you’re time and effort spent planting and tending a garden is repaid a thousand-fold.Time slows down to a more relaxed natural pace when you’re turning the soil, shaping rows, planting your favorite varieties of delicious healthy vegetables and beautiful flower
The Garden – a aplace of power and beauty – Gothic Arch Greenhouses
If you have never experienced the wonder of anticipation of picking your own vine-ripened tomato or any number of delicious, nutritious garden vegetables….then you need to consider engaging in this rewarding endeavor. Where ever you live, as long as you have an available location that receives 6 or more hours of sunlight a day, then you have the potential to raise some of your favorite vegetables and herbs.
The Benefits of Vegetable Production with Plastic Mulch
With today’s demand for increased food production and heightened awareness for the responsible use of our limited resources, ‘Plastic Mulch‘ is proving to be a justifiable addition to the cost of commercial vegetable production around the world. Plastic mulch is extruded from clear polyethylene resin into sheets of film of varying widths and lengths. Generally, the thickness is 1.0 to 1.1 mil (1 mil = 1/1000 inch) although thinner materials are available in high density polyethylene. Because of the inherent physical properties of black and other colored plastic mulches, it modifies the micro-climate around plants, enhancing growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops. Over many years of experimentation and use since the late 1950’s – plastic mulches have proven to be a boost to agricultural productivity.
Aquaculture and Hydroponic Systems
You’re on the right track if you’ve been thinking about starting a garden to grow your own vegetables for family and friends, but lack the yard space and are overwhelmed by bugs and vermin, and by extremes of unpredictable weather conditions. If faced with these challenges, you may want to consider an investment in a quality environmentally controlled Gothic Arch Greenhouse and a hydroponic or aquaponic food production system to ensure a sustainable year around supply of fresh nutritious vegetables and fish.
Learn to Grow Strawberries with Hydroponic Systems
Successful strawberry production can be easily done using hydroponics (the science of growing plants in soil-less material) in the controlled environment of a Gothic Arch Greenhouse…providing you with berries year-round…protected from birds and other animals. Growing berries with hydroponics can be challenging, yet rewarding as it can be adapted to almost any growing environment. The ideal environment to protect from weather would be inside a quality build Gothic Arch Greenhouse with the use of artificial lighting during the winter months.
Learn How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables and Eat Healthier at Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Grow your own organic vegetables all year with the help of a quality greenhouse. The greenhouse is an enclosed structure that allows the gardener to grow crops in a controlled environment. This means that the right nutrients and proper sunlight are provided all year round without having to worry about pests or cold weather. One technique that has proven very effective when using greenhouses is hydroponics. This is done by using nutrient-enriched water instead of soil to grow the crops.